About MyMedCAD

What is MyMedCAD?

MyMedCAD is a web app providing users with real-time case statuses for all of their cases, automatically sorted by relevance. Contextual links direct users to launch a planning session or start a service request. A web-based, mobile-first design makes MyMedCAD ideal for customers on the go in hospital settings. 

What is a working beta?

As a working beta, MyMedCAD has a polished user experience with a short list of features to test and refine through user feedback

How do I register?

Registration links have been sent out to existing customers (limited to sales representatives for the time being). If you’d like access for yourself, a surgeon customer, or a team member, email beta-my@medcad.com

Who has access to my cases?

Once registered, cases are automatically shown in your profile if you are one of the covered healthcare entities under the HIPAA Privacy Rule for a case. This will include the sales representative, surgeon, and authorized groups such as distributorships, hospitals or clinics. Authorized groups only have access to cases when explicitly added as the Distributor, Hospital, “Ship To” or “Bill To” for a case. No patient data is transmitted through MyMedCAD.

The inclusion of authorized groups allows for automatic enterprise scaling, so permissions can be granted for users to have access to a group’s set of cases as long as they are within the same organization that is listed on a specific case. To enable this feature, email beta-my@medcad.com.

What does this mean for my current workflow?

Using MyMedCAD will feel almost identical to your current workflow in terms of ease of use and location. The primary changes include:

  • Online Service requests will now be completed through MyMedCAD instead of through MedCAD.com.
  • The Online Service Request has been optimized to require fewer clicks and images have been removed.
  • Planning sessions are now only able to be scheduled once input is complete. A scheduling link will be provided per case through MyMedCAD.
  • Case tracking capabilities to improve case management and awareness

Reminder: our policy requires a complete service request prior to an order being processed. This includes cases shipped or uploaded directly to MedCAD without a service request. Paper and PDF versions of the service request are available in addition to the online version.

Are there notifications? 

Currently notifications are sent through your registered email. 

Notifications are sent:

  • when a case requires some kind of action from the customer (getting a case started with proper input, report needing approval)
  • for shipping and delivery updates
  • by request for process updates (designing, manufacturing, inspecting)
  • by request for surgery reminders

To update your notification preferences, please email case-manager@medcad.com.

Is there an iOS or Android version? 

Not yet. Even in the early testing stages, customers have been excitedly requesting iOS and Android versions of the web app. So as we work towards diversifying our platforms, we’ve chosen to prioritize accessibility through a web app for the time being and anticipate iOS and Android versions down the line.